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Q:What kind of problems that deserve attention when fit tires?

A:Tires must be fitted on the specified vehicle model and rims. The mounting and dismounting of the tires should use specialized tools or equipment, and hard hit is prohibited. It isnot allowed to fit tires in the damaged or repaired by welding treatment. Rim deformation and mismatch will result in the bead portion abnormal abrasion and bead blasting and other problems. Bias tires and radial tires should not be mixed.When fitted to the tire that its tread has a sign of direction of rotation, the tire should keep consistent with the vehicle traveling direction. Tire balance:The right balance of the wheels can have the comfortable driving experience andreduce the phenomenon of the partial rub between vehicle chassis parts andtires eccentric. The balance of thewheel can be tested by means of precision instruments, and you can get the best comfort after coupled with a counterweight. Second, the same brand:If it has different manufacturers, the outer edge of the tire size, shape pattern andcord materials have differences as well. The mixture of different brands oftires can affect the results, thus the same axis must fit the same brand tire.Third, the same specifications: The different specifications decide the outer diameter and section width of the tire is different from each other, and load distribution mounted on the same shaft is not the same. Thus it requires the same axis must be the same size. Fourth, the same structure: radial structure has a good buffer performance and its belt is quite hard, like tank treads andthus its circumferential deformation is small, which makes it is close to the length of the circumference when making a round. The bias tire, however,is different for its poor cushioning properties and the contact with the ground portion is compressed, thus the circumferential deformation is big, which makes the distance is less than the circumference of one round. Two load tire assembly must be on the same axis forits abrasion is inconsistent. You should fit the same kind of vehicle assembly structure of the tire. Five, identical levels: level refers to the tire's load level,and that determines the corresponding pneumatic standard. Different Loadcapacity tires fitted together will result in the inflation pressure isinconsistent, and therefore you must be fit the tires with the same axis level,in order to let the load in different fetal positions keep consistent. Sixth,the same pattern: The different tire tread can cause not only abrasiondifference, but also the difference of adhesion of the ground, and if left andright tires pattern is different, the vehicle braking ride will be affected andcause unilateral emergency braking and drift phenomenon,so the same axis mustbe fitted the same pattern tires. Seventh, the same pressure: pressure isdetermined by the hierarchy. If the hierarchy is the same, then the pressure shouldbe consistent to maintain its unity. So the same axis must be the samepressure.

Q:What is the difference between the bias tire and radial tire ?

A:The Structure of the bias tire is overload resistance, suitable for short distance, but its performance in high-speed and high-temperature condition is poor; The structure of radial tireis suitable for long distance,high-speed and high-temperature condition and it has better handling experienceand comfortableness, but it requires good road conditions and higher cost thanbias tires. The structure of radial tire fundamentally changes the tire cord arrangement angles and structure and fully plays to the role of the cordmaterial, which greatly improves the thermal performance of the tire. It notonly extends its service life, but also saves energy . Radial tire owns the characteristics of wear-resistance,high-speed security, stable in control, fuel-efficient, low noise and comfortable driving experience and etc..

Q:What is the difference of different patterns to road conditions?

A:The mainly longitudinal pattern is suitable for high-speed driving; The mainly horizontal pattern,with good drainage properties, is suitable for wet road; The one that combines both vertical and horizontal patterns (mixed pattern), issuitable for all road and weather conditions, and belongs to weather patterns;siping pattern block(mixed pattern), is suitable for snowfield for its good drainage; The tire that has asymmetric tread pattern, can be used in a variety of road conditions to improve driving performance.

Q:How to find the proper tire?

A:You should as far as possible use the same type of tire the and same structure to get the best drive ability; The same axis must be equipped with the tires of the same type and structure; The principles for mixed tires of different axes Tires. For old tires: The tires with the same degree of abrasion are equipped to the same axis.

Q:The common problems of the tires

A:The size of the tire should be first selected according to specifications prescribed in operating manual of car design for matching. If the load capacity can be kept within the allowable range, you should not change the specifications of original tires. Conversion of the original specification ofthe tire should be paid attention to the situation of whether the tire size affects vehicle parts, its safety and fuel consumption and whether the tirecontacts with the vehicle, there is friction with the double wheels sides, theinner tubes, flaps adapt to the cover tire specifications. You should also consider the service life and cost of the tire.

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